MY Story

Alireza Moazi Was bron in 1984 in Kashan. In 2005, he received his bachelor's degree in  architecture from Kashan State University. In 2009, he received his master's degree from Mazandaran University. She became interested in interior architecture from 2 years before graduation , in 2007, and personally started learning the principles of interior design, and from 2009 to 2011, she learned implementation courses with internships in the best residential projects of that time. From the same year, he started working in the field of interior architecture. And in 2014, he founded his own company named "Ibra" and is still working today. The specialized style of interior architecture that Alireza Moazi works in is modern, minimal and contemporary styles. And he has experience working mostly in the residential field and then in the administrative and commercial field. Moezi has always tried to adapt his work style to the changes of the day and the use of new materials. On this site, some of his works are placed as samples.